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Most witches would likely agree that they enjoy the "hands on" aspects to using tools and talismans in their magical practices. Deciding what items will assist you best is as personal as choosing a path. You may be someone who enjoys the scent of herbs, working with essential oils and anointed candles. You might have a love of crystals and rocks. If you follow a Wiccan path or another formal religious practice, there are certain magical items that you may have in common with other practitioners. This doesn't mean that each of your tools are not still very personal to you. Some witches choose to maintain one or more permanent altars in their home. Others may put their altars together only for spellwork. There are many witches that use miniature altars or very simple items that won't stand out as overtly witchy. Some witches don't use altars at all. 

What is it about this that really calls to you? That is always a pretty good starting point for almost anything. What was it that first attracted you to learn more about witchcraft? Was it divination? Then perhaps you might want to invest in a tarot deck or pendulum to start. Was it spells or energy work? Whatever it is that interests you most is a great beginning. You can get almost any item or make it for low or no cost to start. Many items can be found in thrift shops or made yourself. Once you have worked with your starter items, you may choose to invest in others. You may be perfectly happy with what you have from the beginning. Use what works and don't be afraid of letting go of items that aren't a good fit. It is your journey and what goes into the travel bag is always up to you!








So how is a talisman different than a magical tool? In some instances they may be the very same thing. Generally, a talisman is an object that is charged with magical power or some sort of energy. It is most often portable and personal. Talismans are something that may even be more personal to you than your magical tools. Some witches wear their talismans, others keep them on or near their altars. Some may have jewelry or clothing they wear only for rituals and others may have special items they wear daily or never remove. It might be a treasured family heirloom, a gifted item from a someone special to you, or something you found or made for yourself. It can be protective, energizing, calming. You can find or create what you need. You may find that some items already carry their own strong energy. You can also cleanse and charge items as you need. As with every other aspect of witchcraft, the most important consideration is what feels right to you. The better you know yourself, the more adept you will become at finding what will assist you best in your practice.

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