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candles & incense


Image by Michu Đăng Quang

Apothecary's Garden

Apothecary's Garden is a really good place to start if you want to learn about incenses and oils. They make a point to educate about and support efforts to preserve sustainable fair trade sources. Lots of really cool technical information, including an entire section on distillation!

Image by CHIRAG K

World of Magick

This is a great site for anyone looking for some magical candle inspiration for your witchcraft. A quick beginner's guide for color correspondences and simple spells, along with a shop if you are looking to buy. If you are in the UK and looking for supplies, this is a shop worth checking out.

Image by Raspopova Marina


Enchantments is a wonderful site with information on candle magic from one of the oldest witchcraft shops in NYC. Be sure to check out the sections on working with wax effigies, figure candles and colors. There are also two sections of FAQs all about candle magic. Worth a read!

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