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the diy witch


Image by Annie Spratt

DIY Witchery

Probably one of the best DIY witch sites out there, but I'm always biased when it comes to finding another kindred punk spirit. You may not find a lot of step-by-step make your witchy doodad posts, but it's the do-it-YOUR-way approach to witchcraft as a whole that I really love. Whether you are a secular witch or not, there is a lot here to dig into and enjoy!

Image by Lisa Li

How To Use Any Object

Althaea Sebastiani's approach to magic is one that I admire generally, but this article from her site is something that I wish everyone could read when they are just starting out in their exploration of witchcraft. This will have you looking at everything around you in a whole new way. It's a good reminder that we should always be mindful of the way we use resources.

Image by sheri silver

Frugally Sustainable

Though not geared specifically to the pagan community, this site has a lot of really helpful ideas for any witch looking to hone DIY skills. There are sections for all sorts of creative projects that don't cost a ton and don't waste resources. Aside from the DIY archives, the rest of the site has a lot of info that can easily translate to magical workings as needed!

Image by That's Her Business

Macramé Crystal Pendant

Great instructions from Golden Age Beads for an easy macramé crystal pendant. The photos make it very clear and there are all sorts of tutorials for other bead crafts. 

Image by Landis Brown

DIY Herb Drying Rack

Have you ever wanted to make a drying rack for your herbs? This tutorial from DIY Natural is probably one of the best I've found. Easy to follow instructions and pictures.

Image by Kayla Maurais

Cleansing Your Space

You can use smoke to cleanse but do your homework on the issue of how to do so without cultural appropriation. Here's some great food for thought and other options for cleansing.

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