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Practically a witch

Extraordinary circumstances sometimes bring us back around to the most basic of comforts. This site was conceived of during one of the most difficult years of my life. Recent times have brought unimaginable losses as well as unexpected bright spots. What sustained me and continues to do so is my connection to now over three decades as a practitioner of witchcraft. 

I wanted to create a space not only for myself but for others like me who enjoy exploring on their own, figuring out things for themselves, and choosing their own unique paths. Not that we ever do this completely alone—I never could have and I don't think anyone else should. I am extremely grateful to all the friends, mentors, and confidantes I've had over the years. I am absolutely blessed with a wonderful partner who has been accepting and supportive of me from the day we met. 

This site will not show you how to be a witch. The way you choose to practice, the path you decide to follow or create for yourself? That is something personal. That is yours alone and should be treated as precious. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. There are infinite ways to be a witch and varying degrees to which you may dedicate yourself to the practice of your craft. It is that diversity and fluidity that has always appealed to me. Still does!


I chose "practically a witch" as shorthand for the way I have always approached witchcraft. I am, for lack of a better term, a practical witch. I have never considered myself a religious witch, though I would not say that I am wholly secular either. I use what works for me, what's on hand, and what feels right at any given time under the circumstances. I also say that I am "practically a witch" because I never feel that I am finished learning. I am as much a student now as when I cracked open my first grimoire. I practice witchcraft, emphasis on practice!


What I hope to offer here is essentially food for thought, ideas or approaches that might be helpful in your journey. My goal is to always provide useful information and resources for everyday witchcraft. My path is constantly evolving, taking me places that I might not have expected. Whether you are curious about witchcraft, a new witch, or seasoned practitioner, there is always something to discover!

Thank you for being here and sharing part of your journey with me as you explore the offerings on this site. I hope you all enjoy the road as much as I have so far!

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