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This section is starting small but will grow, as I want to carefully and responsibly curate a list of hopefully helpful resources. Everything you see here is something I've chosen to share because I think it might be useful, interesting or informative. I have tried to find sites that may be a little off the beaten path wherever possible. I receive no compensation of any sort for the links I share or products that I may list here. I am not an "influencer" or a reviewer by any means. If you see something here, I thought it was worth sharing—but, as with everything here, always do your own research and form your own opinions! 

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov

Getting Started

A selection of informative sites with great basics for anyone new to witchcraft.

Image by Tengyart


Some of my favorite sites for tarot and oracle information, including some favorite decks.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


Information for kitchen and hearth witches. Recipes and ideas for the home. 

Image by Majid Rangraz

Shadow Work

Guidance to assist in the sometimes difficult but always rewarding shadow work.

Image by HighBabe


Information on working with candles and incense as part of your magical rituals or spells.

Image by Matt Briney


A few of my favorite sellers, along with places to find assorted magical supplies.

Image by engin akyurt


Great sites for anyone interested in mythology and religious lore of any sort.

Image by Sarah Brown

Mineral Magic

Resources for crystals and rocks, focus is on identification help & ideas for uses.

Image by Jonathan Borba


A few favorite sites for the witch that loves growing

and working with plants.  

Image by Fi Bell

The DIY Witch

Resources for the do-it-yourself witch who wants to create

her own magical items.


Magpie's Nest

Here is where you will find all sorts of found links and miscellaneous information.



Resources for those looking to connect with other witches or searching for a coven home.

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