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Have you ever wished you had a place where you could work together with other witchy folk? You might want to check out our Discord group called Practically a Coven. Practically a Coven is named intentionally to express that liminal space between coven and not coven. We are similar to a coven in that we are a group of magical folk, but we are not quite a coven because some of us don't identify as witches. So whatever you are or however you practice, there is likely a place for you here to share wisdom, learn and work with others. We keep our number small, capped at no more than 20 members.


Our primary activity is participation in a bimonthly group project that is chosen randomly from previously submitted member ideas. Projects do not usually require any special items or expenses. We are a thrifty bunch! We also have many other ways to interact, socialize, and learn together. In addition to our bimonthly project, our Practically a Coven offers ongoing witchcraft courses and workshops to our members. You should be 18+ and have at least some magical practice knowledge or experience. Novices are welcome but our group may not be a good fit for someone who has not done at least a little research on their own. We want to do what sustains us all with a deep dive into magical exploration and spellwork as a supportive, protective group. If small batch practical witchcraft is something that appeals to you, Practically a Coven might be just what you are looking for.

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