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Image by Xuan Nguyen

Kitchen and hearth witchery is another favorite of mine. It can dovetail so nicely with almost any other type of practice. Even if you are not a cook or someone who enjoys keeping house, it can be such a change in perspective when you look at even the most mundane housework as an intentional act to create a certain type of energy in your surroundings. Almost every culture has deities that are related to hearth and home, to food and drink, to family and friends. The kitchen and hearth are where some of our most basic connections have occurred as a species. If you are someone who feels that joy when you are in the kitchen, you may find in your practice that you also have a knack for making soaps or candles. You might enjoy distilling oils or making tinctures from your garden herbs. Whether your space is a dorm room with a microwave, an apartment with a small stove, or a dream home with all the amenities you could ever imagine, there is always a way to bring that warm hearth energy to it. You can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich magical if that is your intention. Innovation and imagination are the qualities that not only make great chefs, but also great witches!

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