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Image by Florian van Duyn

Green witchery is definitely a huge part of my craft so if I sound biased toward any nature-based magical practices, it's not your imagination. I definitely am! Do you love the outdoors, growing things, changing leaves, thunderstorms, the smell of a forest, herbal magic? Do you love bugs and beasts? Animals and insects? If this is your happy place, then you might want to check out all things related to practicing as a green witch. Garden witches and hedge witches are simply variations, and there are all sorts of resources out there for you to explore this incredibly diverse and interesting path. 

This is definitely one of the most hands-on sort of paths. It is one that dovetails well with almost any witchy practice that is in tune with the wheel of the year and seasonal changes. It is also a path that takes a LOT of very careful study and attention to detail. It requires being a respectful and good steward of the land. Don't take what doesn't belong to you in areas where you should leave things alone. I am a total magpie and it's always very tempting to pocket a cool rock or nip a piece of plant when camping or hiking, but I do not. I only take from places where I have permission to do so. I ultimately obtained a small plot of wild land for myself that I use only for gathering purposes. I go every so often to simply explore and enjoy the gifts that nature has left for me to discover.

The other very important thing to keep in mind when working with plants or natural items is that they can be dangerous. You don't want to poison yourself or someone else, or cause yourself to have some sort of reaction to an herbal remedy because you didn't pay attention or know the potential for problems. Always proceed with caution and treat all ingredients with respect. Your life and wellbeing could depend on it! 


Green witchery is where I find my comfort. It's also how I weave my love of magic and science together in a way that helps me to understand some of the smaller components of the larger universe. As with any path, it is one where you could study multiple lifetimes and still only barely begin to scratch the surface of the big picture. For me, green witchery is very much a restorative path and I find a comfort in it that I simply can't get elsewhere. It's not all I do, but it's definitely a large part of who I am as a witch.

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